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APPle Digital Academy includes three programs designed to address the needs of students who function better in an alternative learning environment as opposed to a  traditional setting. 


1. ALP-This program is required for students who are expelled from school, mainly due to accumulating  4-5 supensions from school.  This program uses the Edgenuity program, an online learning curriculum to help train students to be independent learners , while ensuring them access to major content even while working from home. Students in the ALP program come to campus to receive in-person support from the teacher.


2. BLP-This is a voluntary program for students who may find traditional schooling difficult to manage. This program uses the same Edgenuity program, which allows BLP students more flexibility being that coursework can be done anytime and from anywhere there's wifi. Students in the BLP program should be independent learners who take notes of key ideas during the instructional videos and  use tools to work out problems during the assignments.  Middle School BLP students are not allowed on APPLe campus. They must reach out the their BLP teacher by email for assistance. High School BLP students may come into the Lab to take Unit Tests and for other assistance. 


3. APP-This program is for recommended for older high school students who are missing a large number of credits needed to graduate from high school. This program prepares students to take the HISET test to receive their GED (general education diploma).  This program does not predominately use the Edgenuity program.